Shame Resilience Therapy

Shame Resilience Therapy

Shame Resilience Therapy, or just Shame Resilience, can help teenagers learn how to free themselves from feelings of shame, guilt, and negative thoughts. Teens can then rebuild themselves and create strong feelings of power and empathy within through our therapy for shame.

Understanding Shame and Guilt

As explained by Brene Brown, shame and guilt both refer to an intensely painful experience or feeling where teens believe they are flawed and are not worthy of acceptance and belonging. Shame and guilt are feelings so strong, they nurture feelings of insecurity, fear, and isolation within growing teenagers. These can then transform into depression, substance abuse, and anxiety.

Guilt and shame would often appear in teens that survive a traumatic event. They would later become ashamed, with several ‘what ifs’ going through their minds. These, and other additional feelings, will weigh heavily on teens who are trying their best to make their way toward recovery.

Through this therapy for shame, teenagers will learn how to resist and push back whatever lies their internal guilt or shame is filling their heads with. Shame Resilience is the perfect therapy for teens who want to learn how to process their shame and guilt so they can learn from these experiences.

How Does Processing Shame Combat Teen Depression

Shame Resilience Therapy begins with understanding shame and knowing where it comes from. For example, when helping teens with processing shame, we ask where or how they feel shame. Is it like a tight knot in their stomach? Or is it like a heavy weight on their shoulders or chest?

Next, teens are taught to understand how their shame and guilt can affect their lives. Concepts like isolation and reduction in communication with friends or family are brought up, while also sharing the possible consequences. These can include anxiety, teenage depression, and others.

As the teenagers slowly realize the shame that is affecting them and feel the weight it puts on them, they can start the process of letting go and moving forward. While processing shame, these teens slowly build a foundation of compassion within themselves, which will strengthen their empathy and weaken their shame and guilt. And once they learn to accept their experiences, their shame will then become nonexistent.

Shame Resilience Therapy at Innova Mercy

Teenagers must let themselves be vulnerable so they can become strong. When shame and guilt find a place in a teen’s mind and grow, they will build walls to hide away. And by staying hidden, teens slowly cut off whatever connections they had with other people, such as friends and family.

Innova Mercy serves as a place of safety, without judgment, for teenagers suffering from shame and guilt. They can allow themselves to be vulnerable at our recovery center, so they can start breaking down their walls and rebuilding the connections they had with others and with themselves.

Our staff works closely with teens so they can finally shrug off the weight of shame and guilt that is holding them down. They can also reinforce their mental strength with the help of our other trauma treatment therapies found at Innova Mercy. We will show that there is always someone who cares and wants to help.

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