Identity Formation

Helping Teens Form Their Identities

We can help you understand your self-worth and sense of belonging in this world with Identity Formation therapy. Allow us to build you up into someone with more confidence and surety in yourself

What is Identity Formation?

Also known as Identity Development, Identity Formation is the process where an individual develops a clear idea or view of themselves. As a form of therapy, Identity Formation can help define a teen’s beliefs, values, as well as their sense of self.

What Affects a Teen’s Identity Formation?

A teenager’s identity is always in a constant state of change. A teen's identity is often shaped by their experiences, encounters, the friends they make, and so on. All it takes is one major thing to happen to cause someone’s identity to change, either for good or for worse.

As a teen explores who they are, what they believe in, and what they like, there will be moments of confusion. Confusion often occurs when something, such as social norms or family values, clashes with the identity they are currently forming.

Why Identity Formation for Teens is Essential

Through Identity Formation therapy, a teenager can right themselves as they shrug off misconceptions or rethink what they want to be as a person. Identity Formation for teens can thus strengthen a teen’s relationship with themselves and allow them to become better individuals.

When a teen’s identity formation is restricted somehow, the teen won’t be able to create a positive relationship with themselves. They will suffer from self-doubt, indecision on what or who to what, what to believe in, and so on. Their drive may be weaker or they won’t have goals to strive for.

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