Family Therapy
Family Therapy

Family Therapy

Family Therapy, also known as Family Counseling, is a form of psychotherapy that seeks to bring family members emotionally closer so they can work through their familial problems as a single unit. At Innova Mercy, we want to show how troubled teens and their parents can bond again with clear communication and teamwork.

Family Therapy vs Individual Therapy

Among the bonds an individual can form with others, their family bonds are often considered the strongest. Yet, as strong and special as these bonds are between parents, children, siblings, and spouses, they can be broken by family-related problems. Through Family Therapy, we mend broken bonds so the family can be whole. In Family Therapy, we place focus on the struggles of the family. Whereas in Individual Therapy, we place focus on the personal struggles of one person.

Family Therapy As Teen Trauma Treatment

Family Therapy can serve as a kind of teen trauma treatment. It can create a neutral space for teens to open up to their parents and siblings, giving them (the teen) a chance to share and resolve their trauma with people who care about them.

What makes Family Therapy an effective form of teen trauma treatment is how it can help parents and siblings understand what the teen is going through. Once they are aware, they can act as a support group and help the teen get through their trauma together.

Without Family Therapy, existing strains on the family bonds will worsen as the traumatized teen starts to communicate less, pick up vices, be out late at night, or do other hurtful actions. By bringing all family members together, the teen can heal, and family bonds can mend. Through Innova Mercy, families can:

  • Find ways to resolve their family issues positively and productively while sharing their thoughts and feelings
  • Look at every family member so they can learn and understand what triggers their family troubles, and then talk about how they can stop conflicts from happening
  • Find and understand their strengths and weaknesses as a unit

Family Therapy is often conducted alongside other therapies for better teen trauma treatment. Family Therapy can help teach parents and siblings how to be supportive and understanding of their troubled teenage family members.

Family Therapy

Expectations of Family Therapy

Family Therapy is always conducted by a therapist, and it is encouraged that all family members join. During each session, the therapist will ask questions about the nature of the family’s conflict and what actions each has taken to try and solve their problem. The therapist will then use the information gathered to formulate a family treatment plan. The purpose of this plan is to help encourage the family to work together so they can resolve their problems quickly and effectively. To summarize, Family Therapy helps a family:

  • Understand their teenager’s mental illness
  • Understand and solve problems between parents and their troubled teens
  • Understand and solve problems between teenage siblings
  • Understand and solve problems between family members in general
  • Understand and solve issues related to financial arguments
  • Understand and solve school issues affecting their troubled teens
  • Understand and solve issues that have driven a troubled teen to abuse drugs or alcohol

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