Music Therapy

Music Therapy

Innova Mercy offers excellent music therapy for trauma survivors. Teens will have the chance to heal from their past traumas through the power of music. Our young clients will also learn how to reduce the impacts of their conditions or traumatic experiences on themselves and their lives.

About Music Therapy

There is a power behind music. It can make us feel warm or cold. It can encourage us to do something or make us feel like not doing anything at all. Music can boost our happiness as well as knock us down into sadness. It can make us feel weak and vulnerable, and it can make us feel strong and invincible.

Thanks to this ‘power’ found in music, many have come to use it for its therapeutic advantages. There are plenty of well-documented studies concerning music therapy for trauma patients. It has been discovered and proven to successfully treat teens suffering from trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, and more.

The power of music can help teenagers understand that it’s okay to feel what they feel during times of happiness and sadness. When paired with the healing techniques of Music Therapy, therapists can use music to create a safe space for teens to share and discuss their emotions and experiences so they can heal completely.

Results of Music Therapy for Trauma

Research and proven results have demonstrated that Music Therapy heals emotionally or physically damaged neural pathways of a teenager’s brain. We have also seen that it can make a teen more resilient against future events and related stressors. Music Therapy can help reduce symptoms of trauma, anxiety, and PTSD by a large degree.

There was a particular study that observed the brain waves of teenagers during a Music Therapy session. Based on the recorded brain patterns, researchers could easily see when emotions changed from negative to positive. There have even been studies that show how music can help heal a teen’s body, like lowering heart rates and helping the body to relax.

Music Therapy for Trauma at Innova Mercy

We offer Music Therapy sessions multiple times a week. Our therapists have been properly trained and certified to conduct Music Therapy sessions for teens, young and old, ranging between 12 and 17 years of age. Know that your teens will be in good hands.

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