Relationship Effectiveness
Relationship Effectiveness

Helping Teens Connect and Stay Connected

Here at Innova Mercy, we strive hard to help troubled teens improve their relationship effectiveness so they can connect, interact, and bond with the people in their lives.

What is Relationship Effectiveness?

Relationship Effectiveness is the ability to connect and interact with other people. Also known as ‘Interpersonal Effectiveness,’ it has methods a teen can learn and use to:

  • Balance between priorities and demands
  • Balance between “wants” and “shoulds”
  • Help Deal with relationships
  • Build up proficiency and self-respect

Why Relationship Skills Are Essential

A teenager’s ability to connect, interact, and bond with people is split into goals a teen can focus on when trying to make connections, or build upon interactions. These goals are:

To Achieve An Objective

With the right skills, a teen can clarify what they want from an interaction and understand what they have to do to get excellent results from it.

To Maintain Relationships

To be able to maintain a relationship, a teen needs to understand how important a relationship is to them and what they can do to keep it strong.

To Maintain Self-Respect

A teen can use the proper skills to help them feel how they want to feel as they stick to their values after an interaction.

Although a few skills will be used in certain situations by teenagers, some skills are essential for reaching one, or all, of the above goals.

Why Develop a Teen’s Relationship Effectiveness

Like any other skill set, interpersonal skills need to be developed, and can be through practice and real world application. While some argue that a teen can simply maintain their skills at the basic level of effectiveness, leveling them up would be better in the long run!

Even if their communication skills have improved greatly, they should never stop practicing. Even the most expert teen communicator knows there is always room for improvement, and they can look for every opportunity to expand their repertoire.

By improving their relationship effectiveness, a teenager will have more tools to work with when communicating or interacting with others. They will be able to accomplish their goals more quickly and far more effectively.

We Improve Relationship Effectiveness for Teens

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