Teen Intensive Outpatient Program

Helping Teens Face Difficulties in Adolescence

Innova Mercy’s IOP treatment for teens connects with teenagers to provide them the support they need to get through adolescence. Graduates of our adolescent IOP therapy have improved communication skills, greater emotion control, and better stress management, making them more than ready for young adulthood.

Using Empirically Proven, Skills-based Therapies

Skills taught in our IOP therapy will equip your teenagers with the knowledge, understanding, and abilities to cope with past pains or trauma, while also helping them successfully navigate present-day challenges of school life and relationships.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

DBT teaches teens practical life skills for handling emotions, having difficult conversations, setting boundaries, and wanting to bottle themselves up when life starts to become overwhelming.

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Relationship Effectiveness

We help teens take a look at how past traumas, losses, and hurts can affect current relationships while also learning ways to make healthy connections with others and build intimacy with loved ones.

Pills from substance abuse

Substance Abuse (Finding Safety)

Innova Mercy’s IOP treatment helps teens identify how people turn to alcohol, drugs, and other substances to help them cope with the difficulties of life. We then offer teens healthy alternative ways of coping.

Signs of Trauma in Adolescents

Teenagers often find it difficult to share after experiencing a traumatic event. But in their silence, painful consequences appear as ‘acting out’ behaviors that get them into more trouble, adding to, if not multiplying, their stressors. These can then be explored or discussed during IOP therapy sessions.

  • Isolating
  • Weight Gain/Loss
  • Change in Sleeping Habits
  • Self-Harm
  • New Piercings/Tattoos
  • Withdraw From Friends/Activities
  • Promiscuity
  • Irritability/Lashing Out
  • Stealing/Changes in Spending Patterns
  • Substance Use
  • Changes in Appearance
  • Aggressive Behaviors and Communication
  • Grade Changes
  • Changes in Social Status
  • Wearing Long Sleeves in Summer To Cover Scars
  • Skipping School
  • Becoming More Secretive
  • Increase in Risky Behaviors, Such As Reckless Driving


Read what parents think about our Teen IOP Treatment Program

"Since starting Teen IOP, our daughter has been using different skills to deal with her emotional spirals. Just this week she chose to go to the nurse's office and take her medications and talk with the counselor about how she was feeling, instead of acting out like she normally would. We can see the changes that are happening in her behavior and in how she is thinking and feeling."
5-star review rating
"The founder is very hands on and helpful. I needed to refer a friend for mental health treatment for her daughter and Dr. Kasi responded quickly and was extremely helpful. They offer a service that is very much needed yet hard to find- mental health residential for adolescent girls."
5-star review rating
"This place was truly a GODSEND!!!!!!! We appreciated the attentiveness and the effort poured into our family members treatment. She is truly a better person and definitely the treatment put her in a better place. We thank you for everything you poured into her through therapy and even checking up on her months after her treatment was over."
5-star review rating

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