PHP & IOP Treatment For Teens in New Braunfels, Texas

At Innova Mercy, we offer outpatient day treatment programs dedicated to providing teens and their families with the continued support they need to thrive at home and school.


What We Do

Our Day Treatment Programs for youth—Ages 12-17

Adolescent Partial Hospitalization Program / PHP Treatment

Innova Mercy also offers a teen day treatment program called PHP therapy for teens in New Braunfels, TX. Also known as a Partial Hospitalization Program, this level of care is ideal for teens who need intensive therapeutic support during the day but can return home at night. This is a non-gender-specific program designed to be safe for teens, who want to continue intensive treatment closer to home.

  • On-site Schooling
  • Day Therapeutic Treatment for Teens, 12-17
  • 7-8 Hours of Therapeutic Intervention Per Day
  • 5-6 Days of Therapeutic Intervention Per Week
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Intensive Outpatient Therapy / IOP Treatment

In addition to our PHP treatment offerings, Innova Mercy offers a treatment program called IOP therapy for teens. Otherwise known as Intensive Outpatient Therapy, teens receive a half-day treatment with this program but continue school. Virtual IOP therapy is available for those who need teen trauma treatment revolved around any schedule.

  • No Transportation Required
  • Half-day Therapeutic Treatment for Teens, 12-17
  • 3 Evening Meetings of Therapeutic Intervention Per Week
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Our Approach to Teen Mental Health Treatment

Trauma-Focused Treatment

Trauma is often stored in the body as well as the mind; therefore, we believe in treating the whole person. From animal-assisted therapy to EMDR, we ensure that every aspect of your teen’s experience promotes healing and wellness.

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On-site Schooling

Your child will attend classes daily with a certified teacher to help regain school credits and ensure they are well prepared academically post graduation from our program.

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High-Quality Care

At Innova, our clinicians are passionate about seeing people get better. Every team member has years of experience working with trauma and understands that each personʼs journey to healing is unique and may require different steps at different times.

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Family Resources

Trauma is often stored in the body as well as the mind; therefore, we believe in treating the whole person. From animal-assisted therapy to EMDR, we ensure that every aspect of your teen’s experience promotes healing and wellness.

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Who We Are

Your Teen’s Healing Starts at Innova Mercy

At Innova Mercy, we provide specialized PHP and IOP treatments to teens aged 12-17. Located in the calming Texas Hill Country, our outpatient location is perfect for teens to heal and thrive. We offer many different therapies, ranging from EDMR to shame resilience therapy and more. Our team is expertly staffed and helps you design a specialized plan that best suits how your teen’s brain works.

Innova Mercy has a history of excellence which is why we have been awarded the The Joint Commission's National Quality Approval. The Joint Commission (or JCAHO) is the international benchmark for quality in the healthcare industry, and we're proud to be recognized by such a prestigious organization.

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Our Treatment Therapies

Treatment methods that give your teen the tools to have better mental health

Outpatient mental health therapy at Innova Mercy includes day treatment programs that are intended to treat every aspect of your teen’s recovery. Every person who has endured the same trauma has very different responses. We take the time to get to know each client and base plans tailored to their unique needs and behaviors.


Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR)

When you experience a traumatic event, it may cause a totally normal response of negative feelings. Sometimes those emotions can fade on their own but if they don't, we can help move them along.

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Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

DBT teaches skills to help individuals maintain healthy relationships, deal with anger, fear and other intense emotions, while staying present in the moment.

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Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

ACT uses engaging exercise to help individuals identify and  live according to their values to reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety and trauma.

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Shame Resilience

Shame Resilience

Shame Resilience Therapy helps teens find their authentic self and build meaningful connections with others.

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