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Innova Mercy Offers Comprehensive Care for Teens

Our team of experts can provide comprehensive assessments and create individualized treatment plans to help teens address their issues and reach their goals.

Our History

Dr. Kasi Howard started Innova Mercy in 2022 to offer high-quality care for teens, despite geographic or financial barriers. Over the years, Dr. Howard has helped hurting people and teens overcome current struggles and live better lives. Innova Mercy was created to provide specific IOP and PHP treatment offerings, specifically tailored to teens healing.

Our highly-trained team members and individually tailored treatment plans make your teen's healing journey as comfortable as possible. Our one-of-a-kind day treatment mental health facility is located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, providing a safe, serene, nonjudgmental backdrop for teens to heal. 

Our Mission

What is Trauma?

Trauma is any deeply distressing, disturbing, or painful experience that overwhelms one’s ability to cope. Trauma activates the alarm system in the body and can result in different symptoms of trauma. We fight, flight, or freeze in the face of danger. If we do not regain safety or heal from the effects of traumatic experiences, the effects can be long-lasting. 

Everyone experiences trauma throughout a lifetime. Some more than others. There are many types of trauma we can experience. Some are big T Traumas, some are little t traumas. Unresolved trauma damages a person’s sense of safety, self, and self-efficacy, as well as the ability to regulate emotions and navigate relationships. There are many long-term implications and consequences when trauma goes unacknowledged, untreated, and unhealed. Everyone deserves to heal and be safe, and free of symptoms of trauma. That’s why our experienced advisors at Innova Mercy are here to help with your teen's trauma.

Our Treatment Therapies


We want to reduce as many barriers to receiving care as possible. We have staff dedicated solely to processing claims and advocating on behalf of clients for mental health services. Call today and we will have one of our trained admissions coordinators verify your benefits. Insurance we accept:

*We do not accept Medicare or Medicaid, except Superior. We only accept EAPs through Compsych insurance.


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