Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Becoming Better

Here at Innova Mercy, growing teens will learn how to accept all of their thoughts, be they good or bad ones, and be able to embrace their feelings to become better versions of themselves. Through acts of acceptance and commitment, teens won’t have to struggle with and suppress what they think and feel.

What is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy?

Also known as ACT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is a type of mindfulness therapy available at our Innova recovery center. It’s based on the ideas of commitment to change and self-acceptance. During each session, teens will be free from all forms of judgment so they can heal and become better versions of themselves.

While ACT has been practiced for years, interest in it has only sparked during this last decade. It demonstrated effectiveness in treating, medicating, and managing various types of conditions. These include trauma, substance abuse, anxiety, depression, and PTSD, making it more than viable for teens.

6 Core Process of ACT

The objective of ACT is to promote expansive thinking as well as psychological flexibility within teens. This objective can be achieved through the use of ACT’s six core processes. These are:


Acceptance is teaching teens how to embrace where they are in life at this very moment. By accepting where and who they are now, they’ll be able to move forward with ease.

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Cognitive Defusion

This process can help teens improve how they react to negative moments. Bad things happen because it is part of life. ACT will teach teens how to react to these events so they won’t get weighed down by their negative experiences.

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Being Present

To be present, a teen must learn how to be aware of the current moment itself. But because of distracting thoughts, it’s normal for teens to not be ‘there’ at that moment. With ACT, they will learn how to be present in the now.

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Self as Context

During this process, we explain to teens that they are not what they think or believe. We tell them they are individuals who have thoughts they think and beliefs they hold to. We show them they have the power to affect their story.

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Values help define what is important to a teenager. Without values, their lives can lose meaning. And when their lives have no meaning, their motivation will weaken as feelings of anxiety and depression take hold.

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Committed Action

This process is about encouraging teens to take necessary steps that will positively change their lives. Rather than trying to avoid negative reminders and traumatic thoughts, we help teenagers stay committed to their desire to change.

ACT and Innova Mercy

We want to help teenagers accept who they currently are and where they are right now in life. Through ACT, we can help them manage their feelings of anxiety, trauma, depression, and more, so they can make the changes they want in their lives. To learn more about ACT, our other therapies, or our parent site Innova recovery center.

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